Understanding Web Services

Today I was invited to a short presentation at Embedded Systems and Pervasive Computing Lab – UFCG for explaining how web services work.

You can find the presentation bellow:




Book Review: Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring

I am happy to announce the publishing of this book. I have had the pleasure of working with technical team that produced it, and I can say for sure it will be a good acquisition for those who want to learn and improve the expertise in designing and implement RESTful services in high professional business scenarios.

This book is a very practical guide to create your first RESTFul web service, or even to improve your current web product. It covers major topics regarding architectural design, testing and useful performance aspects for running your service in a high scalable manner.

There are also good code samples to demonstrate the chapter topics, all based in the Spring Framework, a great development platform to rapid java application development.

Book information

Author: Ludovic Dewailly

Pages: 115

You can get it at a good price for Kindle, or buy it directly from packtpub web site here.


Versão em português (pt-BR version)

Estou feliz em anunciar a publicação deste livro. Tive o prazer de trabalhar na equipe técnica que o produziu e posso dizer com certeza que será uma boa aquisição para aqueles que querem aprender e aperfeiçoar sua habilidade em projetar e implementar serviços RESTful em cenários de negócio altamente profissionais.

Esse livro é um guia prático para criar o seu primeiro RESTful web service, ou até melhorar seu projeto existente. Ele aborda os principais tópicos relacionados a arquitetura, testes e aspectos de performance para executar seu serviço de uma maneira extremamente escalável.

Há também bons exemplos de código para demonstrar os capítulos, tudo baseado no Spring Framework, uma ótima plataforma de desenvolvimento para  rápida implementação de aplicações java.

RESTful Java Web Applications with Spring Boot + CQRS Pattern

I am sharing a sample project to demonstrate some cool features of the Spring Boot with Spring framework 4.0, the project is part of the workshop series at the embeddedlab.org #2015

The application is based on the CQRS pattern (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), introduced by Greg Young, decoupling the models for the Read/Write operations.

The pattern is better described by Martin Fowler in his blog (http://martinfowler.com/bliki/CQRS.html)

“The other main benefit is in handling high performance applications. CQRS allows you to separate the load from reads and writes allowing you to scale each independently…”

It means you can create lightweight data structures to read thousands of data and also have complex object structures to read detailed information for the same entity in the domain.

You can find the source code  at:


Feel free to bring up your ideas and comments

Hope you enjoy it. 😉


Putting my wordpress back on the road…

I am going to share my short presentation series I’ve created for workshop purposes.

Hope you enjoy it, please feel free to make contact and point some interesting feedback, any comments are welcome.

Let’s get started…